Aldeamento do Levante

Enough of winter, fog and freezing temperatures?

Then our beach houses at the sunny Algarve are the convenient alternative for wintering.
Our houses are also loved as home office at the beach.

The Algarve at Portugal’s south coast is one of the sunniest regions during the winter in Europe.
On average, the daytime temperature is about 18 to 22 degrees Celsius with only three days of rain per month.
This weather with lots of sun at the ocean massively increases the quality of life and encourages one to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities which in turn boost the self-healing powers of the body.


Our Villas

The beach houses are located 30 meters away from the sea and sandy beach. Spanning three floors, they feature two to four bedrooms, a living room and a roof terrace. There are many restaurants, shopping facilities and pharmacies in the near vicinity. And comprehensive medical care is ensured, as well.

Our regular customers in the winter are mostly retired couples and travel groups which have been visiting us for more than 15 years already. From October to March, we offer discounts for long-term tenants.

Best prices and discounts on Airbnb!

Best prices and discounts on Airbnb


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